Our chief California correspondent, R.G. Watkins, reminds us that folks out his way won't know what liver mush is. Lucky for them, if they can't find it at their Ralph's or Safeway, they can make their own. Here's the recipe:

1 fresh hog liver
1 1/2 lbs. fresh fat pork
2 c. cornmeal
Red pepper
Black pepper

Cook liver and fat pork until tender. Remove the liver only from broth and grind. Add corn meal, peppers, and sage to taste. Add enough of the broth to soften mixture. Cook in saucepan until meal has cooked, stirring constantly. Put in mold. Press down until cold. Slice and serve cold or broil.

Makes about a six-month supply. Keep refrigerated.

For a delicious repast, warm a couple of slices (about half an inch thick) in a skillet and place them—with a slice of onion and a little mustard—between two slices of white bread. Most enjoyable when served with a glass of cold milk, with wrestling on the TV.