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Cliffside Historical Society

About Us

The Cliffside Historical Society wants you!

The Cliffside Historical Society is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to collect and preserve the history, memories and lore of Cliffside, in the form of documents, articles, photographs and written or recorded memoirs. This Web site is a part of that effort.

We need members and contributors. The individual membership fee is only $20 per year ($25 per family)—and you can buy lifetime memberships. Cash donations beyond that will be most appreciated.

Members (called “Friends of Cliffside”) receive The Cliffside Chimes, newsletters filled with history and memories, news of the projects we're undertaking and the progress we're making, and previews of material coming soon on Remember Cliffside.

Members (called “Friends of Cliffside”) receive The Cliffside Chimes, newsletters filled with history and memories, news of the projects we're undertaking and the progress we're making, and previews of material coming soon on Remember Cliffside.

There are four such newsletters a year. Here is a sample of one of the issues in this PDF file. We hope you will check it out.

If you are not already a member, we need you—not only for your cash contributions, but to become involved in one or more of our projects. We need people to do research: to interview and record the stories of our older residents and former residents of Cliffside and nearby areas; to help search for facts, identify photos, create archives, etc. We also need people who like to write, who are curious, who like to get to the bottom of things. You don't have to live in or even near Cliffside to help.

Board Members

Officers of the Society are:

  • President: Wayne Smith
  • Vice-President: James L. Harris
  • Treasurer: Reno Bailey
  • Secretary:

The Board of Directors:

  • Betty Bailey
  • Reno Bailey
  • Buzz Biggerstaff
  • James L. Harris
  • Keith Harris
  • Clay Johnson
  • Robin Lattimore (ex officio)
  • Janet Matheny
  • Paul Matheny
  • Jim Ruppe
  • T. Wayne Smith
  • Jennifer Stiles
  • Terry Wallace
  • Phillip White

The Web Site and Cliffside Chimes:

Reno and Betty Bailey edit and maintain Using material from many sources, they update the site with stories and photos at the start of each month. And (nearly) every quarter they publish the Society's newsletter, the Cliffside Chimes, which is mailed or emailed to over 150 members and friends of the Society.


The photo is not of our board, nor even our officers. The young man at the upper right is Charles H. Haynes and the others are probably some of his friends at Guilford College, about 1895. (From the Hazel Haynes Bridges collection)


Current as of April 23, 2016.

If your name no longer appears here, your membership has lapsed. We urge you to renew. Click the Application tab to print copies for applying.

Annual Members

Name Family Renew Date   Name Family Renew Date
Beach, David L   1/1/2017 Humphries, Steve X 1/1/2018
Beam, Marty   1/1/2016 Huskey, Ellen   1/1/2017
Beason, Mary & Freddy X 1/1/2016 Ingram, Gene   1/1/2016
Bridges, Jerry & Raye X 1/1/2017 Ingram, James   1/1/2018
Clement, Suzanne   1/1/2017 Johnson, Murrell   1/1/2017
Cole, Jeanne Wall   1/1/2017 Jolley, Sara   1/1/2017
Condrey, Billie L & Carolyn X 1/1/2016 Keeter, Darryl   1/1/2016
Condrey, Johnny   1/1/2017 Kerr, Marilyn Moore   1/1/2017
Condrey, Steve   1/1/2017 Macon, Emily   1/1/2016
Crawley, Polly   1/1/2017 Masters, William   1/1/2017
Dalton, Walter   1/1/2017 Matheny, Paul   1/1/2017
Davis, Sam   1/1/2017 Mayse, Sarah Huss   1/1/2017
Dedmon, Ruby S   1/1/2017 Miller, Hannah   1/1/2017
Dedmond, Marc   1/1/2016 Moore, Mary F.   1/1/2016
Dedmond, Roger   1/1/2017 Nix, Troy & Becky X 1/1/2016
Dick, Dave   1/1/2016 Phelps, Sherry   1/1/2016
Dillingham, Bobby   1/1/2017 Powell, Ron   1/1/2017
Dobbins, Edie   1/1/2017 Price, Vickie   1/1/2017
Dobbins, Melvin & Kay X 1/1/2016 Pritchard, Wanda   1/1/2017
Dobbins, Robert C X 1/1/2017 Randall, Marcus   1/1/2017
Earls, Elizabeth   1/1/2016 Reid, Ashley & Ginny X 1/1/2016
Epperson, Sara   1/1/2017 Robinson, Donald   1/1/2016
Fowler, Michael   1/1/2016 Robinson, Hazel   1/1/2017
Godfrey, Faye   1/1/2016 Robinson, Michael L   1/1/2016
Goforth, Roy Lee   1/1/2017 Smith, T Wayne   1/1/2018
Goode, Elizabeth A   1/1/2017 Spurling, Calvin & Joyce X 1/1/2016
Goode, Eloise   1/1/2017 Stockton, Joe   1/1/2018
Grayson, Elizabeth   1/1/2017 Stockton, Martha H   1/1/2017
Hames, Ann Hammett   1/1/2017 Taylor, David   1/1/2017
Hardin, Kate   1/1/2019 Thompson, Shirley C   1/1/2017
Harmon, Alfred F   1/1/2016 Wampler, Diane H   1/1/2017
Harmon, Patsy J   1/1/2017 Waters, Carolyn G   1/1/2016
Harris, James L & J P X 1/1/2017 Webb, James D. X 1/1/2017
Harris, Lynda Cauble   1/1/2016 White, Don L   1/1/2017
Harris, Wifford   1/1/2016 Wirtanen, Virginia   1/1/2016
Houser, Frances M   1/1/2017 Wortman, Dan   1/1/2017
Humphries, Charles   1/1/2017        

Lifetime Members

Name Family   Name Family
Bailey, Don   Jones, Bob & Betsey X
Bailey, Reno & Betty X Kokoska, Jane H  
Beason, Bill & Pamela X Landreth, Horton & Jerene X
Biggerstaff, Buzz & Beth X Lawrence, Marcus S  
Biggerstaff, Virginia   Lipscomb, Eugene  
Butler, Cathy Smart   Loeber, Greta H  
Cantrell, Kenneth   Mashburn, Jane  
Cargill, Anne C   Matheney, Gene  
Cargill, Paula C   Matheny, Janet  
Carpenter, Ed & Betty Jo X McCurry, M. K.  
Carroll, Stephen & Lyn X McCurry, Warren  
Cauble, Jim   Nanney, Frank  
Crow, Bud & Jeri X Needham, Edwin & Wanda X
Culbreth, Ann Beatty   Norville, Jerry & Valeria X
Darby, Daryl X Owens, Andrew  
Davidson, Jr., Gerard   Pace, Betty Raines  
Della Mea, Carolyn   Price, James  
Delorme, Debra   Ruppe, James H  
Deyton, Catheryn X Scruggs, Dean & Rebecca X
Drum, Amy Bridges   Scruggs, Ed  
Eskew, Jane L   Sisk, Dean  
Frye, Sue   Sparks, Toby  
Hamrick, Ed   Speaks, Joan Wilson  
Harmon, Mike   Stafford, Pete  
Harris, Janna Dea   Stancil, Shirley  
Harris, Keith   Stroud, William  
Haynes Jr, Grover & June X Swing, Marc & Janice X
Haynes, George E   Talbert, John Berry Jr. X
Haynes, Jim & Juanita X Talbert, Robin  
Hill, William B   Tinkler, James  
Hines, Terry   Tinkler, John Bruce  
Holman, Belvin T   Turner, Mavis  
Honeycutt, Ben L   Watkins, Joe  
Honeycutt, Carmel   Wallace, Terry  
Houser, Wayne & Peggy X White, Phillip  
Humphries, Ben   Willis III, Bud  
Hunt, Jack   Willis, Patsy  
Hunter, Joyce     Wilson, Daisy  
Jolley, Jerry F     Winn, R D  

Website Sponsors

a Monthly sponsorship is only $50. Please become a sponsor for one or more months. You will be "given" the next open month(s), or any month you request, if available. Just click the Application tab. Linked sponsorships are done in memory of others.

  2011 2012 2013 2014
January Phillip White Bill Beason Jane Mashburn Linda Webster Poteat
February Sam Davis Bill Beason Joan Speaks Carolyn Della Mea
March William Wallace Bill Beason Virginia Biggerstaff William Wallace
April Gerard Davidson Bill Beason Geraldine Evans CHS Class of 1956
May Carolyn Waters Bill Beason Geraldine Evans CHS Class of 1956
June Cliffside Mills, LLC Bill Beason Geraldine Evans CHS Class of 1956
July Carolyn Waters Bill Beason Geraldine Evans CHS Class of 1956
August William Wallace Bill Beason William Wallace CHS Class of 1956
September Phillip White Bill Beason William Wallace Elizabeth Scruggs Grayson
October William Wallace Bill Beason Dean & Becky Scruggs William Wallace
November William Wallace Bill Beason Marilyn Kerr William Wallace
December William Wallace Bill Beason Marilyn Kerr William Wallace

  2015 2016 2017 2018
January William Wallace Helen B Miller Daryl Darby Grover Haynes, Jr.
February William Wallace Marilyn Kerr Daryl Darby Grover Haynes, Jr.
March S.L. Hamrick Horton Landreth A. Myles Haynes Grover Haynes, Jr.
April Virginia Wirtanen Jack Wallace A. Myles Haynes Grover Haynes, Jr.
May Andrew Owens Jack Wallace A. Myles Haynes Grover Haynes, Jr.
June Wayne & Peggy Houser Jack Wallace A. Myles Haynes Grover Haynes, Jr.
July Wayne & Peggy Houser Bill Ingram John W. Condrey Grover Haynes, Jr.
August Wayne & Peggy Houser Jim VanOrsdel Virginia Wirtanen John Condrey
September Jack & Ruby Hunt Robin Talbert Virginia Wirtanen  
October Jack & Ruby Hunt Anne & Paula Cargill Marilyn Kerr  
November Jack & Ruby Hunt Edward Haynes Adams Marilyn Kerr Donald L Womick
December Jack & Ruby Hunt John Berry Talbert, Jr. Grover Haynes, Jr.  



This is a list of the 248 readers who, prior to our establishing the Historical Society, supported this Web site in the form of cash contributions, submitted stories and/or photographs, praise, advice, corrections or good wishes. Your continuing support makes Remember Cliffside possible. Click the Application tab.

Abernathy, Pat Humphries Hamrick, Max & Pat Miller, Barbara
Aldrich, John Lindsey Hamrick, Nellie Jo Scruggs Miller, Hannah
Alley, Chad Hamrick, Phillip E. Miller, Harriet Tarleton
Atkinson, Mack Hanson, Mike Miller, Joe
Bagwell, Hazel Hardin, Madeline Scruggs Miller, Ralph
Bailey, Benjamin W. Harris, Hylan Mintz, Molly
Bailey, Betty Shellem Harris, James Mintz, Sandra
Bailey, Brendan Harris, Joan Moore, Butch
Bailey, Don Harris, Keith Moore, Peggy
Bailey, Gaynell Owens Hawkins, Bob Moss, Buzzy
Bailey, Ruby Fraser Hawkins, Sam Nanney, B. Powell
Baker, Mary Adair Haynes, Grover C. Jr. Nanney, Frank
Bedford, Debbie Haynes, Jim Nanney, Ray
Biggerstaff, Buzzy Haynes, Myles, Jr. Neal, Leon
Biggerstaff, Colleen Head, Flo Nell Needham, Edwin
Biggerstaff, Jack Hefner, Robert Newton, Carolyn Watkins
Biggerstaff, Virginia Padgett Hendrick, Mack & Avis Norville, Jerry
Bostic, Yates Higgenson, Dave O'Sullivan, Nancie
Brackett, Becky Condrey Higginson, Dave Owensby, Earl
Bridges, Hazel Haynes Hill, Bill Padgett, John & Bernice
Bridges, Suzy Hill, Debbie Thomas Parris, Ruby
Butler, Betty Whitaker Hill, Sam Peterson, Randy
Camp, Tom Hines, Bonnie Mintz Phillips, Johnny
Campbell, Henry Hines, Terry Powell, Ron
Cantrell, Daphene Ledford Holland, Jill Price, John & Louise Wall
Cargill, Anne Holland, Jim Price, Vickie
Cauble, James Hollifield, Betty McCombs Quarles, Bobbie
Champion, Richard Honeycutt, Ben Raines, James
Chandler, Dena Watkins Houser, Evelyn Hollifield Randall, Mike
CHS Class of '56 Houser, Frances McMurray Reid, Ashley & Ginny Ann
Clardy, Harold Houser, Peggy Robinson, Ruby Scruggs
Clement, Suzanne Thompson Houser, Terry Rumsley, Lynn
Cobb, David Howell, Ron Ruppe, Jim
Cobb, Steve Hoyle, Dan Sammons, Shelby
Condon-Silliphant, Victoria Humphries, Ben Scancarelli, Jim
Condrey, Ron Humphries, Charles & Ramona Scott, William
Connor, Donna Humphries, Lula Goode Scruggs, Becky Callahan
Connor, Jeri Padgett Humphries, Max Scruggs, Ed
Crow, Judson O. & Jeri Hunt, Gary Scruggs, June
Culbreth, Ann Beatty Hunt, Jack Scruggs, K.D.
Dalton, Al Hunter, Joyce Atkinson Scruggs, Mary
Dalton, Walter Huskey, JoAnn Atkinson Searcy, Maude
Daves, Rebecca Allen Huskey, Mrs. Damon Sementilli, Kristina
Davis, Anita Price Ingram, Bill Shuford, Gene
Davis, Joey Ingram, Gene Shull, Rush III
Davis, Lillian Ingram, Harry Silver, Robert & BJ
Davis, Sam Ingram, Jim Simmons, Bob
Dedmond , Roger Ingram, Laverne Simmons, John
Dennis, Jeanne Jackson, Dot Slocumb, Wayne & Diane
Deviney, Charles Johnson, Marie Waters Smith, Juanita Davis
Dothard, Patsy Ingram Jolley, Chris Sparks, Jim & Tommie
Dula, Michael Jolley, Jerry Splawn, Frank
Earls, Thomas Jolley, Leonard Stacey, Ray & Teresa
Ellis, Dr. Ed Jones, Barry Stancil, Shirley Ruppe
Epperson, Sara Scruggs Jones, Bob & Betsy Steele, Ben & Loree
Eskew, Jane Lawrence Jones, Herman Strahl, Joe
Evans, Geraldine Kavadellas, Janet Matheny Stricker, Bill
First, Fred Kendrick, Jerry Swing, Mark & Janice
Fisher, Mike Kerr, Marilyn Moore Talbert, Robin
Fisher, John & Beth Landreth, Horton Tate, Jennifer Hawkins
Flint, Cathy Lauterer, Jock Teasley, Kenneth
Floyd, W. D. Lovelace, Dirk Thompson, Shirley Crawford
Frye, Sue Brooks Lowery, Dot Beason Toney, Sheila
Gamble, Vera Lowery, Kay Turner, Betty Nance
Garrett, Pam Campbell Luckadoo, Michelle Walker, James M.
Gillis, Doug Luckadoo, Hubert & Theresa Wallace, Jack
Gold, Joe Lyles, Betty Haynes Wallace, Nancy Brown
Goode, Bill Marsh, Dan & Sheila Wallace, Roland
Goode, Johnny Manship, Sara Wallace, William
Gosey, Cindy Martin, Ruby Earls Waters, Carolyn
Greene, Debbie Mashburn, Myrtle Watkins, R.G.
Greene, Donald Mason, Judy Dedmond Weathers, Buddy
Greene, Jackie West Mauney, Richard Webb, James D.
Greene, Marshall Mayse, Sarah Huss West, Kenneth
Greene, Maxann McBrayer, Jane White, Phillip
Greene, Norma McCraw, Mary Edna Wilkins, Jeff & Sylvia
Hadden, Peggy Blanton McCraw, Trey & Rebecca Williams, Cynthia Champion
Hames, Debbie McDaniel, David Williams, J.B.
Hames, Dennis Wayne McDaniel, Larry Wilson, Donna
Hames, Mark McDaniel, Marvin Winn, Jane
Hamrick, Caroline McHugh, Joe Wolfe, Frances
Hamrick, Guy & Helen Meade, Gene Wortman, Danny
Hamrick, Jane Robinson Mikulee, David  



Click here to print copies. Pass them out to your friends.





Eugene 'Cheetah' Lipscomb

Tribute to Eugene Libscomb - A plaque presented to "Cheetah," as he's called, at the Society's Gathering on October 9, 2009. You may have read the story of this presentation on the front page of the Courier on November 29; here's the full transcript.

Harley C. Beatty

Memories of H. C. Beatty - Also at the Gathering, Mr. Beatty's daughters, Ann and Brenda, and others remember him and Mrs. Beatty as parents and as principal and teacher at Cliffside School. Read their remarks here.