News Briefs - 1927

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More Room is Needed at Cliffside School

Cliffside, March 7—When the school was built five years ago it was thought it would be large enough for a great many years to come, but now the demands made by the incoming students are such that there is not sufficient room. This is true especially of the primary and elementary grades. It is a problem to find space for them.

A marionette show, “Robinson Crusoe,” will be given in the school auditorium on March 15th at 8:45 a.m. These puppet shows are interesting and last year “Jack and the Beanstalk” was given.

This item was printed in The Sun on March 7, 1927.

Town to Form Baseball Team

Cliffside, April 5— The Baseball fans of Cliffside met Friday evening and organized a club for Cliffside. Mr. Grady Moorehead was elected Secretary-Treasurer and Mr. J.L. Rhinehardt Business Manager. A number of players will be given try-outs within the next few days. The material on hand promises to develop to a live team by the time the season opens. Cliffside's team is very fortunate in having Mr. Hale of Fairfax, Ala., who had an important place on the Alabama team last year and will no doubt hold a similar place with the Cliffside team. Cliffside has the best ball park in the County. Plans are under way now to form a league composed of Henrietta, Caroleen, Alexander and Cliffside, and the fans here are looking forward to some real baseball playing.

This item was printed in The Sun on April 5, 1927.

Charles H. Haynes Donates to Red Cross

Charlotte, May 6—Mr. Chas. H. Haynes, President of the Cliffside Mills, Cliffside, N.C. contributed $50 to the Red Cross Fund here to aid the flood sufferers of the Mississippi Valley.

This item was printed in The Sun on May 6, 1927.

Protest of Game Made by Cliffside Allowed

Cliffside, May 21—The Cliffside Baseball team protested a decision of the umpire in the game played on May 14 with Alexander. After a meeting held yesterday the protest was allowed and the game is to be played over. It will commence at the play which was disputed.

This item was printed in The Sun on May 21, 1927.

Miss Bridges to Wed J. E. Cargill

Cliffside, June 10—Mr. and Mrs. Boyce Bridges have announced the engagement and approaching marriage of the daughter, Miss Mabel Anne Bridges, to Mr. John Edwin Cargill, of Piedmont, South Carolina.

The wedding is to be at four o'clock on June 29, in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Bridges and the Rev. Roscoe C. Smith, pastor of the Baptist Church here, will perform the ceremony.

There are to be no bridesmaids and maid of honor or groomsmen. The bride and groom will be unattended and only relatives and close friends will be present.

Attended Limestone College

Miss Bridges is the oldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Bridges and is noted for her beauty. She is a graduate of the Cliffside High School and attended Limestone College, Gaffney, S.C. for a year or two.

Mr. Cargill is an electrical engineer with the Huntington Guerry Company, of Greenville. S. C. He is intelligent and his friends predict an excellent future for him.At the present time Mr. Cargill is stationed at Ninety-Six, S. C.

This item was printed in The Sun on June 10, 1927.

Train Hits Auto of Cliffside Man

Dr. H. L. Robertson, of Cliffside, was injured Friday night when his car was struck, about nine o'clock, at the entrance to the Fair Grounds, by the Southern Railway train. Dr. Robertson and his friend, B.B. Goode, also of Cliffside, were about to drive to the colored Fair and did not, apparently, notice the oncoming train which, fortunately, was running slowly. The auto was completely demolished and Dr. Robertson received injuries which necessitated his being taken to the hospital. He is now convalescent and will be able to leave the institution soon. B.B. Goode escaped without being hurt.

This item was printed in The Sun on October 20, 1927.

Boy Loses Eye in An Auto Crash

Cliffside, Dec. 12—James Mark Freeman, the son of Mr. and Mrs. J. B. freeman, had an eye badly hurt in an automobile accident near Charlotte last Monday evening. Mrs. Freeman, accompanied by her little son and Mrs. Lettie Scruggs and sons, Roy and Summie, were in route to Charlotte when a “hit and run” driver forced their car to the curb of the Catawba River bridge, near Charlotte, breaking the windshield, the force of which struck the little boy in the face. He was carried to a hospital in Charlotte immediately, where it was found his eye would have to be removed. He was doing well Wednesday when Mr. Freeman returned from Charlotte.

This item was printed in The Sun on December 12, 1927.

State Takes Over Road to Cliffside

Cliffside, Dec. 17—The information that the new roadway from this town to Mooresboro has been taken over by the State Highway Commission was received here today. This will give Cliffside a direct and first class thoroughfare to Rt. 20 near Mooresboro. The road was built last summer and it has few curves, being broad and with a good grade.

This item was printed in The Sun on December 17, 1927.